Thursday, June 26, 2008

In response... tmt's last cylon ghost in last supper image i'd like to expose my image analysis of the BSG's last supper scene.

At this point, i need to declare that i do not watch the BSG and i have absolutely no idea what cylons are, their numbering and what all these are important for. Also, i don't have any idea what the outcome of my analysis depicts, so i would like you all to please comment on my post and explain what the thing that appears there is.

The reason i did the analysis, even though i am not a BSG fan, is mainly for studying purposes as I am a freelance amateur photographer and i enjoy digital imaging. Therefore, i did all this analysis fos "scientific" purposes.

I strongly believe that the reason that this was not revealed earlier is because people are using the wrong tools to "decipher" the image. I suppose that most of the people have used the photoshop, the corel, or other similar programs.

I, instead, have chosen to use the ubuntu's (linux release) copy of the GIMP software, which (provided you have downloaded the correct plugins) gives the "unmask cloacked layer" command.

I believe that the BSG team did the color-matching of the cylon using the "mask cloacked layer" command. So, using the GIMP software is more like using the right key for the right lock, instead of trying to "lockpick" with programs like photoshop.

Without further do, i present you the outcome of my image analysis:

...and don't forget. I long for your comments!