Monday, January 01, 2007

FAQ this world.

q: Is this world gonna end?
a: no

q: when will the world end?
a: never

q: On which date will the world end?
a: it won't.

q: is the end of the world comming?
a: no

q: do we live the last days of this world?
a: no

q: will climate changes ruin our planet?
a: no

q: will we all die?
a: no

q: should i be afraid of the world ending?
a: no, you shouldn't

q: is the world ending near?
a: not even close

q: will humanity end?
a: no

q: are we the last generation on earth?
a: no, we are not

q: is our planet safe and sound?
a: yes

q: do we face a civilization-ending threat?
a: no

q: should we lose our sleep because of the enviromental problems?
a: no

q: how do you know all these?
a: well, i do.

q: are you sure?
a: dead sure.

q: well, what if you are wrong and we all die?
a: ...sue me.